It was on a sunny Tuesday summer evening when Jack and Bella went outside the backyard to play. Jack and Bella had been best friends since he was three years old. This was a time when his father who worked at a local community health center had brought Bella home as a gift to Jack on his third birthday.

On the other hand, Bella was only a six-month-old puppy and was jovial and playful. Their friendship kicked off right away and the next two years were amazing for both jack and his dog Bella. Adjustment to jacks backyard was a road that connected a lonely forest to the neighboring shopping center, and thus the road was rarely busy unless over the weekends when people went to see animals and other places of nature in the forest.

In spite of that, jacks community was a small and relative peaceful where rare incidences of crime occurred. However, on this day jack and Bella were playing football, where Jack would kick the ball as hard as he could, and Bella would run joyfully after the ball, catch it with her mouth and then bring it back to Jack’s feet. It was a rigorous exercise where both parties enjoyed and relieved their stresses.


It was ten minutes into the game when jack miss kicked the ball over the fence and into the lonely road that connected the small center and forest. Without hesitation, Bella joyfully went after the ball and jumped over the fence into the road. This was a normal incidence where she had to get something for jack on the other side of the fence, and none felt in any form of danger.

However, after Bella had disappeared, he heard a scream from the roadside which he understood to that of his dog. Bella was in trouble and jack had to do something about it, however not knowing what had attacked Bella did put Jack in a sticky situation where he did not know what to do. After a few minutes of deliberation and recovering from the initial shock, he rushed into the house, took a baseball bat and rushed towards the fence. When Jack climbed over the fence onto the other side, he was met with a horrific sight.

A small pool of blood lay on the side road with no sign of his dog, he was confused and did not know which direction to take or what he would be chasing after. However, after analyzing the blood scene, he noticed some footprints and the trail of blood heading towards the forest. Without hesitation or thinking twice, Jack sprinted towards the forest calling out the name of Bella. He was desperate and could not imagine losing his best friend to some predator that dwelled in the forest.

After ten minutes of running, Jack entered into the forest where he heard the cry of agony from his dog emanating from an area deep in the forest. The echoes confused him, and he did not know which direction to follow, however, this time the cries persisted and this guided jack in his pursuit for Bella. He finally came to a cabin in the woods where he identified as the source of the sound which he believed belonged to his dog Bella.

The door to the cabin was not unlocked, but upon entering the door was quickly shut by a figure that Jack had no adequate time to look and determine what or who it was. It was after that he felt a rough hand shovel him to the ground, snatch his bat away and cover his head with a dirty piece of cloth. As a result, Jack knew he was in deep trouble for he had encountered the bad guys his parents always told him about and warned him to stay away from, an at that moment he realized he had to devise a plan that would save his life and that of Bella.


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