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Darius Hall was casually taking a stroll to the YMCA on one rainy afternoon. He had his earphones plugged on and was enjoying some music when he realized that there was something amiss with the record he was listening to, which needed a fix. To rectify this error, he stopped for a while, and that’s when he realized that a disaster was about to unfold right before his eyes as a pit bull by the name Bebe was about to be struck by a truck.

Reacting instantaneously, he yelled to the truck driver as he runs towards the dog. But he was just too late, and the truck crushed the poor animal. Without thinking, Darius picked the lifeless Dog without thinking that this could endanger his life.

After that, he tried to stop the passing cars so that he could get Bebe to a veterinarian hospital as soon as possible, the situation was an emergency, and a prompt reaction was needed. Nonetheless, what Darius did not know was that the owners of Bebe were looking for her. Thanks to Darius effort, Bebe got to doctors in time, and this saved her life.


What was more surprising was that Darius was able to get Bebe to a hospital in less than 30 minutes, bearing in mind that the facility was a couple of miles out? And after the Dog had been attended to, the doctor was able to call the owners and informed them of the unfortunate news.

After some few days, the owners were able to take Bebe home, and even though she had been paralyzed, she made a miraculous recovery.

Similarly, Darius was able to visit Bebe regularly, and a strong bond of friendship was struck between the two. He was able to help her heal psychologically by being there for her all the times and even taking her for walks around the park. Indeed Darius was a guardian angel.


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