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It is a dilemma among homeless dogs to find their forever home. Almost always, these dogs wait too long or even forever for someone to adopt them. There are also dogs who are unfortunate as they do not end up to any family or individual where they can spend their life with.

But sometimes, the long and winding wait is worth it. Just like the story of this six-year-old pooch who waited over 1,000 days at a dog shelter to be adopted.

Geronimo first arrived at the Human Society of Summit County when his previous owner dumped him. Over 1,000 days later or on February 16, 2019, Geronimo was then adopted but was returned a few days later after those who adopted him realized they were not the best fit for the dog.


Geronimo’s ordeal, however, ended soon as he found his forever family even after the minor setback he faced before this. The dog did not need to look far of who is his new parents as two of the shelter’s volunteers decided to take him in.

Known as Gayle and Ray, Geronimo’s new home is the couple after the two agreed to open their home for the dog. The couple is looking forward to training the dog and teaching him good manners in the long run.

~Home Sweet Forever Home for Geronimo!~We know that Geronimo has been on lots of minds lately, and we are beyond…

Posted by Humane Society of Summit County on Friday, 12 April 2019

While at first, the couple decided to take Geronimo in temporarily before the pooch finds his forever home, the two realized that it would be best if Geronimo would stay with.

Their reason for giving Geronimo a chance is that because they already know how to pacify the dog whenever it gets playful or rowdy. More so, they enjoy the company of the dog because Geronimo is lovely and easy to train.

Geronimo may have waited a long time before finding his forever home, but his story is a testament that the wait may be long, but it is worth it.

Credits to Humane Society of Summit County.


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