Any parent or pet parent out there would relate to the feeling of wanting to care for their child. It’s natural motherly instincts. Parents will do a lot of things to make sure their offspring eat properly including sacrifice their own meals. This kind of sacrifice happens all the time in the animal kingdom.

Due to dire circumstances, some places have many stray dogs. Canines without a home are forced to roam around the street until a shelter eventually captures them and gives them a home. This is such a sad state for strays. Sometimes we come across rare videos of strays doing heartwarming acts. This is one video that captures a mother’s caring instinct and shows us how dogs are such caring animals.

The video begins with a stranger giving the stray dog a piece of chicken. He follows the dog around. We don’t know why the guy holding the camera decided to follow the dog. Maybe he just wanted to see what happens next. Good thing he did, because we are about to see a very kind act.


He follows the dog for several more seconds. The dog got curious and looked back for a moment. It’s probably wondering why she’s being followed, but this doesn’t stop her from proceeding from where she wants to go.

Finally, they arrive at a secluded area. The dog stops and looks around. She seems to be looking for something. To the viewer’s surprise, a bunch of adorable puppies appeared out of nowhere. She gave the piece of meat to her puppies. The dog made sure her puppies are adequately fed.

It seems that this isn’t the first time the cameraman encountered this particular dog and her puppies. At the end of the video, we can see the puppies cling to the plastic bag brought by the person holding the camera. It seems that there are more snacks there. It’s good to know that someone is actually taking care of these stray dogs by offering them food. Not only did we witness a kind act from the mother dog, but we also witnessed a kind act from someone.

Video courtesy of Among News via YouTube


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