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Let’s talk about dogs crashing weather update news. It may not be summer yet, but that did not stop “Bella” from crushing the weather forecast on Saturday.

It was an early Saturday morning, and Josh Judge, who is a meteorologist at the WWMUR, was giving weather updates while a huge, well-groomed, black and white dog suddenly walked behind without noticing.


His astonished reaction about the dog was something you wouldn’t miss. It made the viewers have something to laugh about all day.

The story behind the scenes, according to his Facebook is that he did not have any idea that one of his colleagues had made that Saturday to be ‘take your dog to work day.’

Seeing Amy’s dog walk behind him that morning was unexpected for him, which caught him off guard.

According to Amy Coveno on her twitter page, she thanks Josh for going with it.

She further states following the events of that day, that’s why she doesn’t take her dog to the workday.

The viewers were mesmerized by their unexpected visitor on air. That incident took viewers, and some made funny comments about it on Facebook.

A viewer by the name Nancy Makowski commented that the weather has gone to the dogs, which is a hilarious comment.

Additionally, other viewers claimed the interruption on the weather forecast is all they needed after a long day at work. After all, whether forecasts can be boring at times

They claim the sudden visitor made the live cast more exciting and they had a good laugh about it. They also took it to another level by saying that more dogs should visit the newsroom.

Well, I guess dogs were made to make humans happy. And humans should appreciate this priceless gift from God by always respecting their dogs and, accord them, the much-deserved dignity.


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