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If dogs could teach us one or two traits we can be proud of, it would be loyalty and love with no limits.

As we all know by now, dogs are heaven sent because of their attitude and cuteness. But what is more notable with pooches is their ability to show affection towards people and fellow dogs alike no matter what the situation is.

Take for instance this dog that is based in the Philippines, which serves as a guide for his blind fellow house dog.


Kimchi and Ginger are two inseparable dogs since they first met in 2012. Kimchi was then abandoned by his former owners because she is already blind and had no use for the pooch.

When Kimchi was brought to a local dog shelter, she was then adopted by couples Eric and Thea Suguitan, who became Kimchi’s new foster parents.

Eric and Thea already had two more dogs with them, but when they saw the need of Kimchi for a new home, they did not think twice.

This was the first time Kimchi and Ginger met and along the way became forever friends with one another.

Although blind, Kimchi is very much optimistic towards life as she had Ginger beside him. Ginger became Kimchi’s eyesight, and they are side-by-side each other every single day.

They do things together like eating, playing, and strolling outside the house with their owners.

But their friendship seemed to be peculiar as Ginger, in the past, did not entertain any thought of having a new friend. The dog was hesitant and rejected all the dogs proposed by his owners.

Kimchi could be different because as she came into Ginger’s life, everything changed, and Ginger became accustomed to his new friend.

For the owners, what Ginger demonstrated towards Kimchi is not pity but pure love, and according to them, they will cherish and take good care of both dogs.

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