Ever wondered what our dogs do while they wait for us to come back from work? Dogs Remy and Bomber apparently could not think something else to do and decided to spend their waiting time calling on the cops. The Lakeville Police Department has been receiving strange phone calls at their 911 dispatcher one Thursday morning in Minnesota.

Each call only had silence on the other line. That’s when Officers Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares decided to go to the location of the calls. The two officers went to the address they got, but it seemed that nobody was home. The scene was getting more mysterious as they have been informed that the 911 dispatcher has received three more calls from the same phone.


The calls did not have any human voice at all; only dogs barking in the background. The cops decided to inspect the rest of the property from outside and saw nothing, so they left. When they came back to the police department, the calls from the same phone still kept coming in. With this, they attempted to make contact with the homeowner and was able to find their cellphone number.

The officers informed the owner of the weird situation and were able to obtain the code for their garage. So the officers came back to the location and were able to enter the premises of the house. According to Officer Roberts, her concern was that there might be someone inside the house who was not able to move or talk; hence, the silent phone calls.

But to her surprise, they were welcomed by two dogs — Remy and Bomber! The two dogs barked at the two officers at first, but it didn’t last for long. They seemed pleased with the pets they have gotten from the cops, and according to them, Remy and Bomber were super friendly. Officer Roberts and Officer Bares wandered around the house to see where the calls were coming from.

As they checked the home office, they saw a mobile phone on the desk with the ‘emergency calls only’ mode. They guessed that the big dog was able to reach and press the phone with his paw or nose or could have jumped on the desk. The dogs seemed happy about what they have caused after a total of 16 calls to 911. Officer Roberts was glad that what she thought was an emergency, turned out to be a friendly surprise.

Thanks to our friends over at The Dodo for sharing the original story.


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