When we own a dog, we always see to it that we allow enough time to play with them or stroll with them in the park. Of course, constant bonding helps strengthen the trusting relationship between the owner and his pet dog.

However, there was once a dog named Eclipse who rides a bus all by herself every day to visit the dog park. She is all alone with no master on his side during the entire trip and is substantially determined to reach her destination, the dog park.

It is very astonishing to watch the fantastic video showing Eclipse who is mingling with other passengers on the bus. He often slobbers a few of them and socializes like a perfectly typical commuter.


We could only picture out how humans first reacted the very first time they see Eclipse going inside the bus, searching for a vacant seat, hopping on, and making herself relaxed. She preferred to sit near the window so she can see outside and enjoy the view.

Perhaps, sitting near the window could help Eclipse know where to stop. Of course, she was not this independent unlike before. She used to be accompanied by her owner, Jeff Young, and the two have been going to the park for a long time.

Then, one day, Eclipse, who was two years old at that time, jumped on the bus while Jeff was diverted. The bus took off without eclipse. Jeff tailed behind the next coach, and surprisingly, his brilliant dog got off the at the correct stop.

After the incident, Jeff did not appear to worry at all that his pet was traveling all by herself to the park. He also added that Eclipse is a people person who loves interacting with others.

A local disc jockey even took a selfie with the doggy because he was amused by what he saw. There is a reason to smile if an adorable dog like Eclipse will be sitting next to you.

Here is a video below that shows a fantastic dog.

Video credit videoinspirational via YouTube


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