Surprises create some of the best moments in life. As long as it’s a happy surprise, it’s bound to induce some jaw-dropping reactions and some tears of joy. It’s just right to record these moments, as these are the filmed moments that netizens live for. That’s why this video of a surprise, went viral in the first place.

In the small town of Seiling, Oklahoma, two parents hatched an awesome plan to surprise their daughter, with something that she held dearest – a dog. Hallee Fuqua has requested from her parents to adopt a dog, but she was told no. She can only get a dog after she finishes college.


But Hallee was too eager to have her own dog. To satisfy her desire for one, she volunteered at the local shelter, the Humane Society of Stillwater. This is right where she fell in love with Rambo, one of the pups there, who is a Mountain Cur and Plott Hound mix.

Jackie Ross-Guerrero, the director of the rescue center,  stated that whenever Fuqua would volunteer, she would stay with Rambo and spend the entire day with him. Fuqua’s parents have heard about Rambo, and they decided to surprise Hallee for Christmas – they adopted Rambo.

In order for their plan to be super successful, they had to plan with the shelter. They went to the shelter and shared their plan to surprise Hallee. The shelter agreed, and their plan has been laid out. Hallee went in one day and was surprised to find that Rambo was no longer there.

She was told that Rambo had been adopted but they didn’t tell her that it was her parents who adopted him. Hallee was broken-hearted until that day in the video. Her parents called her outside and there was Rambo, waiting for her. She couldn’t believe what was happening and cried tears of joy. She even asked her parents if she was being pranked.

Video credit: Lance Fuqua via Youtube

Thank you Huffington Post for sharing this story.


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