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It is no secret that dogs can be utilized when it comes to military service. With their keen mind, agile body, and a strong sense of smell, dogs can go hand-in-hand with their trainer when dealing with a specialized job such as training to defend the country.

Through the years, different dog breeds were used for this certain aspect of military service. Which among the breeds are the top list of uniformed personnel they want to be buddies with?

Here is a list:


Labrador Retriever


This breed is not only highly smart dog breeds, but they can also go fight with their master in the armed forces. Their main advantage is their strong built and sense of smell which can be taken advantage of in Combat Tracker Teams (CTT).

Aside from this, Labrador Retrievers are also fast learners and easy to train. They could distinguish different smell.


This breed is known for their speed and their ability to track objects and persons very fast. Their strong sense of smell makes them stand out from other military service dogs.

Bloodhound’s sense of smell can be a thousand stronger than any humans. This reason alone can be taken consideration when looking for possible military dogs.


With their loyalty and smartness, Rottweilersfs are also highly preferred when choosing military dogs. There were already many instances when Rottweilers were used to track criminals and heinous crime.

Their intuition and sense of smell are almost always 100% accurate, according to dog researchers.


During what happened in World War II, Boxers did many contributions. For instance, they were tasked to handwritten notes tied to their collars to be given to its possible recipients.

In the present context, Boxers are being utilized because of their muscular physique which sends a strong message to those who would want to commit crimes.

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