Archer ran away after he had been hit by a trucker. He then spent three nights alone on a mountain highway in the middle of winter. It was a harsh condition for a dog and Archer’s owner knew his dog was in peril.

Thankfully, Archer had an angel. Her name is Carlie Holman. She works as a VSA Highway Maintenance staff.

One day, Carlie was working the Coquihalla highway in Canada’s British Columbia region. She received a radio alert from a coworker about a dog stuck on a snowbank. Carlie, alongside her foreman, Ron, quickly went to the dog’s aid.


The dog turned out to be Archer. He was on top of a four-foot hill that was snow covered. Carlie and Ron had to brave deep snow in order to reach Archer’s location.

Carlie acted like a dog whisperer. She convinced Archer to come down from where he was perched, a spot his rescuers could no longer reach. Thankfully, Archer was an obedient pup.

Archer joined Carlie without hesitation. It was as if he knew he was being rescued. The dog then showed his rescuers utmost friendliness that Carlie and Ron were immediately charmed by the dog.

But the rescue duo knew they had to return Archer to his rightful owner.

Carlie posted a photo of Archer to Facebook. Then, she had yet to learn Archer’s real name, so she nicknamed him Chance. Carlie was hoping social media would do its magic and find Archer’s parents.

In no time Carlie was contacted by a trucker named Toni. He lived in Alberta, a neighboring province. He recounted how he lost Archer after the latter had been hit by a trucker and ran away in fear.

He tried to look for the dog for several hours but his search went futile. Toni drove back to British Columbia to be reunited with Archer. Their reunion was captured in a heartwarming video.

Thanks to Carlie Holman via YouTube


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