The streets are among the most dangerous places to be in. Accidents happen all the time to motorists and pedestrians alike. That’s why road safety measures should always be observed.

Good thing there’s one less pup for us to worry about. This doggo from Kathmandu, Nepal knows exactly how to cross the street safely. Looks like he has taken his road safety lessons to heart.

An American journalist named Natalie Compton was in Nepal for a hike to the Everest Base Camp. Before getting the hike started, she stayed in Kathmandu for a few days. She said that she found a local gym where she could continue her training for the trek. After working out, she decided to sit outside of the gym’s building.



Compton describes herself as a dog-loving millennial. She said that she saw many cute dogs there since the day she stepped into town. While sitting outside the gym, she saw the dog who was about to cross the street together with his owner. Her dog-loving-self thought of taking a video.

To her surprise, the owner summoned the dog’s paw, said Compton. Then, the two of them walked hand-in-paw, safely crossing Kathmandu’s busy street. Compton couldn’t believe what she just witnessed.

Nepal is a dog-loving country. In fact, they have an annual festivity that celebrates dogs called Kukur Tihar. During the festivity, they give their dogs crowns and beautiful floral garlands. They do this to thank their canine buddies for their friendship and loyalty. The dog that Compton saw safely crossing the street is just one of the thousands of beloved Nepalese dogs.

Compton may have gone to many places across the globe. However, she still thought that this scene was the most surprising thing that she’s ever seen so far. Fortunately, she was able to record and share it to the world.

Credit: Natalie Compton


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