Everyone deserves a second chance at life. Everyone makes mistakes, and they deserve at least another chance to make things right and become better versions of themselves. Except maybe if a person has done something incredibly horrible, people should be given a chance to go back to society as equals.

The sad truth is, any ex-convict carries around a stigma with them. A big red flag that tells potential employers to decline them. This doesn’t do any good for anyone as most of these former inmates will then have to resort to their old ways. Which means they end up back in prison again, or worse.


This is the vicious cycle that Lyn Cardus wants to break. Cardus is the owner of the Alberta School of Dog Grooming. Her school is partnering with Edmonton Institution for Women to provide training for several inmates to become certified dog groomers.

Cardus stated that this program would give them a skill that they can take on as their profession once they become reintegrated back into society. Plus, there is an added bonus with the therapeutic effect of working with dogs. Hopefully, the training will not only help with their chances of finding a job but help change them as people too.

There are some safety risks in the program as there will be plenty of sharp objects around. So the institutions will be screening the candidates to keep the training sessions safe and continuous for everyone’s benefit. They have also arranged for the guard dogs and shelter dogs to get free grooming sessions as the inmates practice.

The women are expected to undergo training for 16 weeks and have to groom around 150 dogs to be certified by the Canadian Professional Pet Stylists association. These inmates are indeed lucky, and hopefully, once they get out, they will be employed and perhaps adopt shelter dogs, too.

Credits to National Post


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