Fred is a Dog who has been a resident for ten years in Labrador at Mountfitchet Castle in Essex. He stepped in to be a guardian angel for ducklings that had been found wandering in the Castle by a staff member.

By his actions of looking after the ducklings, he proved that Dogs are the most adorable creatures


When Allan White posted about Fred, the public was overwhelmed by the connection between him and the ducklings. The videos show the dog and the ducklings having bonding moments.

The staff also indicated  that the ducks look upon him as their caretaker. Fred has now chosen to be staying at home and looking after the ducks who adore him. The ducks are happy about it that they like following Fred to take a swim at the Castle moat or climbing on his back for a ride.

According to Fred’s owner, he told the BBC that the ducks could leave the Castle at their wish after a few weeks of babysitting by their caretaker, Fred. The Castle is an excellent place to go for an adventure, as many other animals have been rescued.

It is also a tourist attraction for many. There are also Pygmy Goats. The recent arrival being the ducklings, and a sight to behold. When one wants a family day out, especially for your children, the Castle is the place to be.

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