Meet Hank the dog. He’s the newest search and rescue team member for Sacramento Fire Department.

Although Hank had a rough first year, he is expected to help the team save trapped victims someday. He was taken between animal shelters and was adopted twice but returned to shelter twice as well.

According to Vinnie Fuccella, a firefighter in Sacramento, Hank was too energetic. It seemed like his drive wasn’t fit to be a family pet.


In the past, Hank even went behind bars in Nebraska for a rehabilitation program. However, the inmates can’t handle him as well.

Hank was then brought to California for a strict training program headed by the Search Dog Foundation.

Three-year-old Hank finally graduated as the newest member of the team of elite Urban Search and Rescue in Sacramento. Members of this elite group have already helped respond to the worst disasters which include the mudslides in South California, attack in the World Trade Center and the Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Hank is assigned to find and rescue victims who are trapped in debris and rubble. He will handle his job with his handler Vinnie Fuccella.

The pup believes that he must find anyone he can’t see. Even when the search environment is too narrow and dangerous, the dog still continues with his task. Fuccela added, the brave pup never thinks about the danger that the job may cause to his own life. That’s a very beautiful thing about dogs.

Sacramento’s U-SAR team has six search and rescue dogs and Hank is now one of them. He comes with Fuccella to work and he even lives in the firehouse. Hank also comes home with Fuccella and his family.

Hank is rewarded with a chew toy if he successfully finds someone. Most of the time, Hank stays silent because he is trained to bark only if he discovers a person trapped and in need of rescue services.

Today, Hank is waiting for his first rescue mission. The dog who was given a second shot at life to help others who are in need.

Thanks to CBS Sacramento for sharing the wonderful news.


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