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Dogs are a natural fighter. Even in the most unusual or distasteful scenarios, our pooches still survive and show that despite life giving them more than what they could handle, they can emerge victoriously.

While this may sound as impossible, dogs can make anything controllable under their watch. This may sometimes need some intervention or miracles, of course.

This dog named Xena won’t just back down without giving a good fight. The dog got hit by a car while she is in labor. But instead of getting weak, the pooch still went through the delivery.


A chihuahua, Xena sure adhered to her warrior counterpart as her name suggested when she was successful giving birth a cute puppy even after getting hit by a screeching car in Hermiston, Oregon.

In a Facebook post by a local rescue group named Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue, the group said they brought the pooch to the Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic for her injured leg to get amputated after the bad accident.

Since she was operated on her leg, the veterinarians also decided to perform an emergency C-section on Xena because, according to them, the puppy is rather large for a natural birth. In a complete turn of events, Xena survived both procedures and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Good Morning everyone!Look at these two <3 It is so wonderful to see that both are doing amazing!This is one heck of…

Posted by Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue on Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Now recuperating from the injury and the stitches wrought by the operation, Xena is taking good care of her new puppy.

Also thankful are volunteers from the rescue group. They said that Xena showed a fighting attitude, which pushed them to also fight for both dogs. For them, more than a miracle, this event proved that dogs too could survive even the most unthinkable events in their lives.

The volunteers named the newborn pooch as Marvel to compliment his mother’s name. They are now seeking support for additional help for the mother and son’s hospitalization and further recovery.

Photo credits to Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue.


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