Having a dog at home can relieve stress that owners have when they are working or outside. Playing with their pet and spending time with them can be of significant help to their owners especially in times of sadness and emptiness.

Dog owners love to see their dog at the end of a very tiring day and take off some time from their busy schedule to spend time and bond with their dogs. Owning a dog can increase the happiness level for the people living in the house and can give many health benefits for the people around them.

However, having a dog at home can be a little handful at times. It is not innate for dogs to know how to clean their toys after playing. They need to undergo training to complete this task.


Having a dog at home is extra stressful when you have guests at your house or when you are having a party or get together with your friends or colleagues. Your dog may not be comfortable with strangers and may get a little aggressive when it comes to greeting your house guest.

There will be times that your house guest may bring their dog along with them when they are visiting knowing that you have a friendly dog at home. Some dogs, when faced with a stranger, may act different from usual and may engage in unwanted behavior such as excessive barking, chewing or biting.

Remember to start small

Do not overwhelm your dog by teaching him advanced tricks all at the same time. As the owner, you should know how to approach your dog and how to handle them in this situation. Start by training him basic skills needed when there are strangers that will greet them.

Start by making them play and mingle with strange dogs in daycare for dogs and let them enjoy and bond with other dogs. In this way, you are establishing a good behavior when meeting new friends.

Repeat this a couple more times and observe your dog if he can be around new dogs without getting uncomfortable and aggressive. If this is the case, your dog can greet guests in a friendly way and is now ready to welcome dog guests.

Always supervise

Even though your dog did a great job of greeting your guests for the first time, still make sure to watch them closely. Always supervise them because you will never know when they start to feel uncomfortable or when they engage in undesirable behavior that will scare your house guests.

Give them positive reinforcement

Do not give up if the training does not go well. Encourage your dog to do a good job by giving them praises, treats and lots of love. These positive reinforcements may help them achieve and learn the skills they are taught.

Always remember to be there throughout the training journey of your dog. He will not always do a good job but do not punish them for doing so, instead make them realize to try again to learn.


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