Best friends

Tom, a 12 –year- old bulldog, met Billy, a 16-year-old Rottweiler. The two dogs have a terminal illness and have been given only some few months to live. Nonetheless, they are both from loving families that ensured that they received the best care to ensure that their end of life care is excellent.

Going by the veterinary diagnosis of Tom, he is suffering from Lymphosarcoma, while Billy has Cholangiocellular Carcinoma. Ironically, these two dogs were at the clinic when the unfortunate news was relayed to their families, and to everyone’s surprise, the dogs had an instant connection, and a deeper bond of friendship was created.

Together, they decided to make their remaining time here on earth a moment to remember, by having a good time and crossing off memorable moments from their bucket lists. All this was made possible by their loving families.


Tom and Billy have had enjoyable times since and have had a chance to do shopping at a doggie fashion center, enjoyed a lot of treats from family and friends, and looks forward to a future filled with fun and excitement.

According to James Pitt, Billy’s owner, “It is of paramount importance to ensure that animals are not neglected and that they are given the best life till they depart from this life. When they are gone, they leave behind memories that we carry along for as long as we can remember.”

Since he was little, Billy has received care and love from Pitt’s family. He was adopted from the dog’s rescue center, and ever since he has been an essential member of the clan. Billy often accompanies his owners to the family veterinary hospital in Michigan, and this has given him a chance to interact with other animals at the hospital.

On the other, Tom, who has sadly entered the last phase of his life, based on the doctor’s prediction, has not wasted any moment of his life for the last few months. Despite enjoying years of care and support from his family, the bulldog has received more attention than usual.

For example, he has in recent times enjoyed a ride in the back of the family car, enjoying the cool evening breeze. Also, he has been spending more time skateboarding down the road. All this is what a dog could ever hope for in life.

Both families have collectively created a Facebook page, where regular updates of the bucket list moments are made, and the fans can have an interactive forum. Some of the recent bucket list adventures include a sunset drive, artwork and skateboarding activities. We all hope that Tom and Billy will continue enjoying life as they should.


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