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Most pet owners, especially dogs they have the same story of how they gave their pets a toy just for it to be torn in shreds. According to a photographer in Virginia who owns three Boston terrier says that it usually takes a day or hours for it to be destroyed.

The Dog Toy project was born when a photograph advised a dog owner to take a photo of the toy before handing over to the dog and after. Lahti wanted to make sure that all dogs behaved the same.


She, however, asked her friends to help her ascertain the behavior. The bigger dogs tore the stuffed toys in minutes. Moreover, one of the dogs went to the extent of burying the stuffed toy in the backyard after tearing it.

According to the American Kennel Club, particular toys like the stuffed toys tend to reveal the wild side in all animals and, most specifically, dogs. They explain that animal tends to understand new things through play. They also establish why pets fall for stuffed animals.

The Kernel club recommends that toys for dogs should be picked based on what activities the pet prefers but not your preference. Moreover, they should buy rope toys that are perfect for chewing and the tennis ball for chasing.

Dog trainers also recommend all pet owners should change toys within a period because, like humans, they tend to get bored with old toys. Buying toys for your pet can be expensive, so dog trainers advise on the interchanging of toys so that they seem new. Besides, one can interchange toys to make them look brand new to the pet to keep it always entertained.

Lahti hopes the dog project helps make dog owners understand new and unique information about a dog’s behavior. She also explains that each dog has its way of marking in a toy. In conclusion, Lahti captures the real-life  situations of owning a dog



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