It’s still a mystery why some dogs experience neglect and loneliness. They are the most loyal and pure beings in the world. All they wish to receive in exchange is our attention and love.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for Buster. He never experienced being cared for by his owners. At one year old, he was already made to stay outside the house. He remained there regardless of the weather. A heavy chain served as his leash. It left a deep wound because it became too embedded. Good thing some fieldworkers from PETA found him one day.

The unfolding of a beautiful story

The deep wound on Buster’s neck caught the attention of PETA’s field workers. They also so how terrible his skin condition was. In an attempt to save Buster’s life, they looked for his owners and talked to them. Good thing they were kind enough to hand Buster over. He was rushed to the veterinarian for a medical examination.


They gave him medicine for his wound and the bald spots on his skin. He was also given food to help him become healthy. But the best treatment Buster received, was all the love and affection from PETA’s volunteers. This made him realize that life can be better.

It took some time for Buster to recover fully. While he was still receiving treatment, the PETA volunteers looked for his new home.

Forever family

PETA’s search led them to a couple who wanted Buster to be part of their family. The woman was in tears when she first met him. Her husband told PETA that they would give him plenty of pampering. Buster will finally receive the love and comfort of a forever home.

Watch the full video here:

Source: Youtube via PETA

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