We often hear stories about police officers go above and beyond the call of duty to rescue people. However, this story is about a New York cop that saved the life of a dog.

In Ogden, New York, the local police received a call from a woman reporting about hearing a dog sounding distressed nearby her house. When the police officers responded, they saw a dog in icy waters struggling to stay above.

Sgt. Travis Gray responded by risking his life by walking across an icy canal to get to the dog and save it.


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He observed that the dog fell through a sheet of thin ice and fell in the freezing water. It was clearly distressed and in pain, and it was only a matter of time that the dog would suffer from severe hypothermia and die.

The police officer called for backup and requested for the fire department to assist with the rescue but found that there’s not enough time to wait. He took the initiative and rescued the dog himself.

Sgt. Gray slowly crawled across the ice.

When he finally made it to the dog, he helped it out of the freezing water. It was shaking and was already suffering from hypothermia.

The dog was so afraid that it didn’t want to move despite Sgt. Gray’s encouragement for the dog to follow him to get out of the cold environment.

Sgt. Gray carried the terrified puppy and took him to safety.

The fire department arriving on the scene provided first aid treatment for the dog for hypothermia.

They found out that the dog’s name is Dallas and the owners had let him outside the yard. A strong wind blew the gate open then Dallas ran outside.

The police estimated that Dallas was in the freezing water for fifteen to twenty minutes before he was rescued.

Sgt. Gray knows for a fact that pet dogs are considered to be part of the family. Losing a pet dog is like losing a family member.

Thanks to the heroic act of Sgt. Gray, Dallas made a full recovery and returned to his worried and thankful owners.

Here’s a video from Sgt. Gray’s body cam showing how he rescued Dallas from near death.

Source Video Ms. Panda’s Den via YouTube



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