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This Australian Shepard who got used to taking care of a baby calf remained steadfast to his duty to the animal even after they grew up as adult animals.

Lincoln, the dog, is taking his job to a notch higher as the baby calf he considered as his own brother became accustomed to his babysitting.

While of different origin, the dog and the calf found ways to make their differences a blessing in disguise as they get along with each other just like real brothers.


Since the time Calvin the calf came to life in July 2018 at the Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary located in Ontario, Lincoln vowed to be the calf’s best babysitter. The dog never left the side of the calf and took care of him just as promised.

But the dog’s loyalty towards the calf is not devoid of reason nor experience. Calvin is a survivor from a dairy farm, which already had evil plans towards the calf as soon as he gets released from his mom’s womb.

It is a known fact that in dairy farms female cows are forced to produce milk while calves are shipped to be slaughtered.

But while there are evil designs already planned ahead of Calvin’s life, good people in the farm started rallying and saved the life of the poor calf. This is the time that Calvin reached the sanctuary where Lincoln was. And from there on, the two became best of friends.

Black Goat’s co-founder Megan Mostacci said in an interview that both animals love running around the farm. She said the two did a lot of things together like eating, sleeping, and playing.

But as a good brother, Lincoln makes sure that his younger brother Calvin is safe all the time. Up until now, the dog keeps an eye of the calf to make sure that Calvin is doing the right thing.

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