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In a frank admission, veteran and iconic singer Barbara Streisand said that she cloned her beloved pooch, Samantha, because she is afraid what will happen to her after the dog’s death.

Streisand’s primary reason for cloning Samantha is that she wants to spend more time with the pooch.

The singer started cloning the Coton de Tulear dog when the pooch started showing signs that she no longer does well in life after turning 14-year-old.


Samantha eventually succumbed in May 2017, which left the singer devastated. Through the course of the years, the singer welcomed into her life two more dogs which look the same as Samantha. They are Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet.

Before their mother pooch died, the singer made sure to get cells from Samantha’s mouth and stomach for the cloning to be possible. The procedure went well and produced to clones of the pooch.

While a clone of Samantha, Miss Violet, and Miss Scarlet have different personalities, Streisand shared in an interview. The singer awaits for the time that the two pooches grow so that she could see if the two had similar eyes as Samantha’s.

Aside from Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet, the singer also adopted Miss Fanny, a distant relative of Samantha. Her name is derived from Streisand’s Oscar-winning turn in 1986, the Funny Girl.

The singer is very much happy to see that the cloning procedure was successful. Although the two are clones of her beloved Samantha, Streisand vowed to give both the love they deserve.

While the icon did not say how much the procedure cost, reports said that a leading company of cloning charge around $100,000 to clone canines.

For sure, this figure is just a fraction of Streisand’s richness, but what is most important is that the singer could bear the brunt of losing the memory of Samantha.

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