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Dogs can sometimes become prey to wild predators. From wolves to coyotes, to mountain lions – danger can be lurking anywhere, mainly if your home is in the rural areas. If you are living in rural regions, safety measures are necessary.

This is the story of a Chihuahua who was attacked by Coyotes and was luckily saved by his best friend, a German Shepherd.

Pepe, a Chihuahua, was out in his backyard when he was attacked by three coyotes. Because of Pepe’s size, the coyotes found him to be easy prey. That is until Turbo; the German shepherd saved him.


Turbo was barking madly at something which alerted the family about the attack. When the family investigated the commotion, they saw a helpless Pepe being assaulted by the three wild coyotes. However, they could not take down Pepe, because Turbo was there. The German shepherd was bravely protecting his best friend.

Thankfully, Pepe made it through. But he suffered multiple puncture wounds that resulted in 37 stitches. Sadly, his right eye popped out, and his right ear was ripped off in the deadly struggle. However, Pepe is alive mainly due to his best friend’s heroic deed.

To know the full story watch the video below.


This wasn’t the first time Turbo faced a coyote and his owners believe that there will be more out there. What happened to Pepe should be enough to prompt the family to take safety measures for their dogs.

As dogs owners, it is our responsibility to keep our pets safe not only from the elements but also from predators out there just waiting their time to strike.

Turbo is truly Pepe’s best friend. He willingly risked his life to save Pepe. If it weren’t for the big German Shepherd, the three coyotes were more than enough to dragged and kill Pepe in the woods.

Source Castanet News via Youtube


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