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It is already common parlance among dog lovers that when their pooches go missing, it would rather be because of their negligence or the dog could be stolen by someone close to them.

But whatever may be the case, losing a dog in any means is painful on the part of the dog lover. The anxiety wrought by thinking about the dog’s situation is already taxing in itself, what more the emotional burden of waiting and looking for a lost dog?

But as the adage goes, if it is missing, it will find its way home in one way or another.


This is precisely what happened to Vannie Nguyen, a resident of San Jose California. The dog lover has lost her Boston Terrier named Diamond in what could be an incident of theft.

Later on, Nguyen took hold of a surveillance video of the time Diamond was taken away their home by an unidentified woman on April 7, 2019.  The footage was taken on their yard, and it was seen that the woman carried the dog away from Nguyen’s home.

As soon as she found out of the video, the woman did not know what to do. According to her, she felt despair at the same time helpless seeing the dog being taken away.

The next day, her family members and friends put up hundreds of fliers along their neighborhood, on trees, on boards, and everywhere they can, telling people that Diamond is missing.

It was then later that someone contacted them through the number posted on the flyers, prompting Nguyen that Diamond was sold to them by someone.

The one who bought Diamond was willing to return the dog to its rightful owner because he knew what it feels to lose a dog.

Nguyen thanked her neighbor for cooperating during the most challenging phase of her life yet, and she could not contain her happiness upon seeing Diamon back to their home.

Credits to NBC Bay Area.


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