The players of Arsenal de Sarandí and San Lorenzo found themselves an additional player during their soccer match. All that adrenaline rush, topped with an exchange of goals and passes was suddenly put on hold. The reason behind the thirty-minute long pause? A stray dog who decided to join the fun.

Let’s play catch

The dog must have been wondering why a lot of people were gathered that day. The game was going so well, and there was so much energy in the stadium.

People had no idea who the dog’s owner was. She just popped out of nowhere and played with the ball during the match. The two teams on the field wanted to win. The dog, on the other hand, only wanted someone to play catch with.


May the best team (or dog) win


The officials and the players of the game had to do something. They tried to grab the ball from her so they can proceed with the match. The dog, however, thought that they wanted to play with her. Instead of giving the ball back, she ran away with it. Finding someone to play with made her very excited.

The situation may seem annoying, but no one was mad at the dog. Instead, they found her adorable. The groundskeeper was among those who were smitten by the stray dog. He offered her a job at the stadium. Her task was to run after birds who love eating the grass seed. She will be working with fellow dogs who will definitely want to play catch with her.

A reporter tried to interview the dog after the tournament. She ended up biting the reporter’s microphone.

Watch the full video here:

Source: Youtube via OluwaPlentyA

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