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It may be an odd scene, but dogs can be part of solving one of man’s biggest problem – garbage recycling.

In fact, one dog is already doing it for good. An eight-year-old dog, Chipper enjoys recycling trashes in his Arizona abode. Katie Pollak, Chipper’s owner, sure did train the dog well as he is taking his part in saving the planet.

The master and her dog are doing the best they could to contribute to helping the environment recuperate from the overproduction of trash in their locality in Mesa, Arizona. Pollak shared that she discovered her dog had an affinity to recycling when the latter displayed interest in disposable water bottles.


In one instance, the dog immediately picked up a plastic bottle he saw in their yard, shared the dog owner. From there on, Pollak realized that the dog is up for recycling mechanism. She then trained the dog in picking up bottles outside their home.

In their pursuit to save the environment one step at a time, the duo loves to go hiking, and on their way to every hiking sites, they make it a point to carry their advocacy. They pick up trash along the way. Chipper, for his part, does the plastic bottle picking.

While this is their own doing, people recognize their work for a healthier environment. The two gives updates on their adventures through Pollak’s Instagram page. With over 28,000 followers, Pollak seeks to inspire other people to do the same advocacy as theirs.

For Pollak, her dog is more than an inspiration. According to her, Chipper is just an ordinary dog with an extraordinary love for the environment. She said she would support the dog’s advocacy along the way because just like the pooch, Pollak too wants to preserve the environment for the use of future generation.

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