Fears aren’t easy to overcome, but it’s certainly possible. There are times when a little help is all we need to conquer whatever we are afraid of. This is why stories of animals helping people with their fears are so interesting. This is a wonderful story of a boy named David and how he overcame his fear of animals with the help of a pit bull.

David wasn’t always a big fan of animals. He does not show fondness if dogs and is even afraid of touching them. David didn’t want anything to do with dogs.

David’s mother Rebecca, on the other hand, wanted a dog. She pressured her husband into getting one. That’s how they came across an 80-pound pit bull named Zeus. She notes how calm the dog was and welcomed him as a family member.


When David saw Zeus, the dog didn’t jump on him or bark. This made David more comfortable and less scared. David admits now he like big dogs. Even if he was nervous when first meeting the large dog, the more he interacted with Zeus, the more David got used to his presence.

Zeus is a very lazy dog who likes to sleep a lot. David thinks Zeus is the best dog he’s ever met. The family made adjustments for the pit bull. They moved to a different house with a yard so Zeus can play.

Zeus is ecstatic and open to meeting new friends. He takes treats nicely and is very docile. These qualities made David love the pit bull more and more. David loves relaxing with Zeus and giving him lots of kisses.

Rebecca mentions that some of their family members were reluctant about adopting a pit bull. But after Zeus became part of the family, they realized that it’s not a bad decision after all. It’s all about how dogs are raised and trained.

Video Courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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