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After recovering from that fateful day where he was hit by a rushing train, Trooper, the Ohio dog, has already fully recovered.

But more than this recovery, what is all the more of a good news is that the pooch has found his forever home.

This development was relayed by no less than the shelter dog which took care of the injured dog, the Animal Friends Humane Society which is based in Ohio.


In their stead to have the dog adopted soon, the shelter dog said it had chosen a family which best fit the needs and the personality of Trooper.

According to the dog shelter, the family who will adopt the dog is trained to take care of animals with disabilities. They added that this family is very much excited to provide Trooper the loving home he deserves after that traumatic injury he had to face.

Since Trooper badly injured his limbs and as a result had to be amputated, the family provided him the needed wheels as a guide for the dog to walk and to his full recovery.

The wheel was made possible through the efforts of Paw it Forward 4D Foundation, who conceptualize the designing of the wheels which will fit for Trooper.


Posted by Animal Friends Humane Society on Monday, 1 April 2019

While the dog struggled during the early start of his use of the wheel, Trooper found a way to adjust effectively and use it to his advantage.

Now that he already has a family to take care of him and a wheel to aid his walking and full recovery, the dog is assured of a better future despite the bad experiences he had in the past.

For the family who adopted the dog, Trooper is a special dog for them whom they will consider as part of the family. They said the dog needs it more than ever as he goes on a full recovery.

Credits to Animal Friends Humane Society.


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