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Dogs are man’s best friend. Specifically, dogs are also a farmer’s best friend. A dog can help around the farm with lots of tasks. If trained properly, a dog can be friendly towards farm animals. However, this isn’t a story of a dog being friendly towards a creature.

Imagine what one dog can do in terms of pest control. Now take that to the next level by adding a pack of dogs to your pest eradication procedure. One potato farmer took it to the next level and made sure his pack of dogs does not let any rats escape.

Rats are pests on the farm. They can easily tear and eat through crops and potatoes. That’s a loss in profit if all the plants get eaten away by rats. So this potato farmer decided he has had enough and asked his dogs to help him.


At the beginning of the video, we see the farmer hold a gardening fork. He uses it to break open the land below him. As the ground opens up, rats begin to run out. However, there is no escape for them as dogs are waiting in every direction to catch them and shake them unconscious. In every direction, there is a dog waiting to pounce.

This looks like pay time for dogs as they race to see who can catch more rats. Some of them play tug of war with the ones they capture. When a dog gets a hold of a rat, they are wildly shaken up. This ensures that they will no longer be around to bother the farmer.

This is an essential activity for farmers to make sure the next crop they plant in that soil remains safe from pests. It’s astonishing how the soil became home to hundreds or even thousands of rats. But it doesn’t matter how many they are, all of them are going to have the same fate. These dogs will never let them get away.

Video courtesy of The World via YouTube


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